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Standing up against poverty

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Students from Lambton College’s social service worker program line Christina Street in front of City Hall during the annual “Stand Up Against Poverty Rally” on Oct. 13. The rally featured stories told by people who have experienced poverty as well as offering resources in the community that can help. “As much as people know that it’s an issue… there still so much more that we can do as a community, and we can group together,” said Becca McAuslan, a presenter who completed the Lambton Circles program. This week, volunteers from area food banks, schools and churches will be handing out “Chew on This” lunch bags containing an apple and postcard to engage people about hunger and the 4.9 million Canadians living in poverty. Both events coincide with the United Nation’s International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which began in 1993. Troy Shantz

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