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St. Clair Catholic School Board crowns elementary cross country champions

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The St. Clair Catholic District School Board’s annual Cross Country meet was held at Canatara Park in Sarnia recently, with more than 350 runners in three different divisions — junior, intermediate and senior.

Here are the top scoring schools:

  1. Gregory Hogan
  2. St. John Fisher
  3. St. Thomas Aquinas/SFX

Here are the top 10 individual results for each division:

Junior Girls’ (Grades 3 & 4)

1st – Keira Hagan, St. Thomas Aquinas

2nd – Kiley Cutler, St. Thomas Aquinas

3rd – Ashley Babin, St. Thomas Aquinas

4th – Sasha Roop, St. Anne

5th – Lily Lougford, St. Anne

6th – Ivy Witheridge, Gregory Hogan

7th – Evie Falconer, St. Michael (BG)

8th – Avery Minten, Holy Rosary

9th – Cecilia Karas, St. Michael BG

10th – Jayden Carter, Gregory Hogan

Junior Boys’ (Grades 3 & 4)

1st – Jimmy McCormick, Sacred Heart

2nd – Vander Martin, St. Thomas Aquinas

3rd – Luca Avelino, St. Anne

4th – Ben Brown, St. Anne

5th – Gabriel Kirkwood, St. Michael BG

6th – Bryce Burnett, St. Thomas Aquinas

7th – Oscar Lyon, St. John Fisher

8th – Nico Demelo, St. Anne

9th – Aiden Kustermans, St. Peter C.

10th – Christian MacAdam, Gregory Hogan

Intermediate Girls’ (Grades 5 & 6)

1st – Laylah Stokes, Gregory Hogan

2nd – Hailey Reid, St. John Fisher

3rd – Aurora Limmatola, Gregory Hogan

4th – Lauren Fogarty, Gregory Hogan

5th – Ella Medeiros, St. Michael BG

6th – Taylor Verberne, St. Peter C.

7th – Bri Eagleson, St. Michael BG

8th – Soma Brown, St. Thomas Aquinas

9th – Kacie Podolinsky, St. Peter C.

10th – Annabelle Parizeau, St. Thomas Aquinas

Intermediate Boys’ (Grades 5 & 6)

1st – Teo Houser, Gregory Hogan

2nd – Preston Ogorek, St. Thomas Aquinas

3rd – Alex Concisom, Gregory Hogan

4th – Nico Crombeen, Sacred Heart

5th – Callum Stewart, Sacred Heart

6th – Owen McDonald, St. Joseph

7th – Hunter Gillis, St. Michael BG

8th – Ethan Feddes, St. Michael BG

9th – Colby Bernard, St. Thomas Aquinas

10th – William Ryan, St. Philip

Senior Girls’ (Grades 7 & 8)

1st – Berkley Joy, St. Philip

2nd – Addisen Jubenville, St. Peter C

3rd – Julia Leyton, St. John Fisher

4th – Abby Stewart, Sacred Heart

5th – Neve Morningstar, St. Philip

6th – Sydney Bickerstaff, St. Matthew

7th – Rhyan Penny, Gregory Hogan

8th – Jocelyn Teixeira, Sacred Heart

9th – Ali Page, Gregory Hogan

10th – Kirsten DeSena, St. Anne

Senior Boys’ (Grades 7 & 8)

1st- Dylan Terpstra, St. Philip

2nd – Colten Peters, St. John Fisher

3rd – Evan MacSweeney, Gregory Hogan

4th – Callum Taylor, Gregory Hogan

5th – Logan Terpstra, St. Philip

6th – Colby Cook, St. John Fisher

7th – Noal Grondin, Gregory Hogan

8th – William Leyton, St. John Fisher

9th – Rory Gough, Sacred Heart

10th – Owen Passmore, St. Joseph

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