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Speed limit to drop on Christina Street

Published on

Cathy Dobson

It’s not a done deal yet, but city council has paved the way for a speed limit reduction on Christina Street near Canatara Park.

Neighbours say vehicles race the strip between Cathcart Boulevard and Highway 402 at breakneck speeds, sometimes reaching 100 km/h.

Part of that stretch of Christina is under Lambton County’s jurisdiction, which set the limit at 60 km/h many years ago. A bit farther north, the speed limit is reduced to 50 km/h.

At the request of resident Lindsay Fortney, city staff conducted a survey and recommended a reduction to 50 km/h the entire length of Christina.

City council endorsed the recommendation, which now goes for county approval.

“Lambton County staff have already said they agree,” said city engineer Mike Berkvens. “It’s just a matter of going before county council, likely in the summer.”

Fortney, the mother of two small boys, said neighbours, walkers and golfers in the area will benefit from a lower speed limit.

“And I hope it will not only remind drivers to slow down a bit, but also allow police to enforce the speed limit in that stretch of road better,” she said.

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