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Some college students opting to drop out and start again

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Journal Staff

Lambton College has reshuffled semester dates in an attempt to salvage the school year after a five-week faculty strike.

Lambton is also offering students the option of dropping out of their program and applying for a refund.

A source at the school said up to 15% of students in some programs are asked for the refund.

The province has said student can apply for up to $500 to cover costs such as additional child-care fees, rebooked train and bus tickets, or rent.

Any strike-related support will not count against a student’s OSAP assessment.

A student organized class-action lawsuit is also seeking compensation for lost class time. To learn more, visit

Ontario’s college faculty, including 205 full and partial load instructors at Lambton, went on strike Oct. 16.

Lambton students seeking to withdraw from their program and apply for a refund can contact:

Domestic students:

Shaunacy Core

[email protected]

519-542-7751, ext. 3564

International students:

Mathew Radford

[email protected]

519-542-7751, ext. 3093




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