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Scammers with stolen cheques duping local residents

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Sarnia Police are investigating a number of frauds in which the victim cashes a cheque for others and loses money from their own bank account.

A man or a woman, who are working together, approach innocent people ranging in age and vulnerability.

They tell a story about a relative dying of cancer in another city or a family member hurt in a serious car accident.

The scammers tell the victim they don’t have a bank account but need to cash a cheque to visit the ill relative. They even offer the victim money for their troubles.

The cheques used are stolen and usually made out in someone else’s name. Once the victim cashes the cheque and withdraws the money, it’s too late.  The victim is on the hook for the money and usually ends up with an overdrawn account balance.

Police advise residents not to cash cheques for people they don’t know.

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