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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1.         Which legendary jazz musician was known as “Satchmo”?

2.         Since Sarnia was incorporated as a city in 1914, how many different men have served as Sarnia’s mayor in the last century?

a)  19                      b) 25                     c) 31

3.         Hungry? If so, you could have challenged Matt Stonie who recently won the World Poutine Championship by ingesting how many pounds of poutine in 10 minutes?  Round up or down to the nearest pound and give yourself one point if you’re within two pounds.

4.         Located at corner of Mitton St. and London Rd. is a park named for what famous Canadian?

5.         Stretching almost 6,650 kilometers, what river is the longest in the world?

6.         Fill in the Blank: “Light Up the Night for _________” was a highly successful community run/walk held at Canatara Park on Oct. 4th.

7.         Used to express neighbourhood opposition to things like prisons and garbage dumps, the acronym NIMBY means what?

8.         As Sarnia is a city and Petrolia is a town, Camlachie is a __________ ?

9.         How many lines are in a limerick, a form of poetry?

10.       Who preceded Stephen Harper as Canada’s Prime Minister?

ANSWERS: 1 – Louis Armstrong;    2 – c) 31;    3 – 15 pounds (14.75 pounds or 6.67 kilograms);   4- Terry Fox;     5 – Nile;     6 –  Noelle;   7 –  Not In My Back Yard;    8 – Hamlet;    9 – Five;    10 – Paul Martin





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