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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1.      The majority of people worldwide (55%) have what colour eyes?

2.      Dr. Ken Walker and Mrs. Deb Walker are on this year’s Mayor’s List for their organization and promotion of what annual summer event in Bright’s Grove?

3.      Which Canadian comedian of TV and movie fame has created such characters as Ed Grimley and Jiminy Glick?

 4.      You will find newly posted road signs for what long-lost hamlet in the area where Churchill Line, Plank Road, and Kimball Road intersect?

 5.      What dollar denomination is sometimes referred to as a “sawbuck”?

 6.      Sarnia born actor, Dave Madden, who unfortunately passed away in 2014, played music manager Reuben Kincaid on what popular 1970s sitcom starring Shirley Jones?

 7.      Although it’s known as an Alsatian in some areas of the world, in North America this dog is usually known as a what?

 8.      Larry McKenzie currently holds what municipal position in Point Edward?

 9.      What two words complete poet William Congreve’s observation that “Music hath charms to soothe the ______   _____”?

10.   In January of what year did Apple debut the iPhone?

2005     2007      2009     20011

 –  Tom St. Amand

ANWERS: 1- Brown; 2 – Bluewater Triathlon; 3 – Martin Short; 4 – Lucasville; 5 – Ten dollar bill; 6 – The Partridge Family; 7 – A German shepherd; 8 – Mayor; 9 – Savage Breast; 10 – 2007










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