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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – The monument of what War of 1812 hero is located in Queenston Heights Park?

2 – The first ever Doggie Paddle Beach Fest, allowing dogs to run, jump and swim in off-leash areas, will take place where this Sunday?

3 – What elastic synthetic fiber is an anagram or jumble of “expands”?

4 – To date in 2016, the average sale price for a house in Sarnia is
$178,227 $201,014 $230,116 $270, 924

5 – What chain of restaurants was started by Roy Allen and Frank Wright in 1922?

6 – Next week, the SMAA Sarnia-Razorclaws football team will be playing a scrimmage during halftime at what Detroit venue?

7 – What Canadian author has a cameo appearance in CBC’s upcoming miniseries Alias Grace, based on her 1996 novel?

8 – In the late 1850s, when more farmland was needed in the Blackwell area, what lake was diverted into Lake Huron by the Cull Drain?

9 – In the novel Les Miserables, Jean ValJean was originally sent to jail for stealing what?

10 – What late American billionaire and inventor is credited with designing the prototype for the modern hospital bed?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Sir Isaac Brock; 2 – Canatara Park; 3 – Spandex; 4 – $230,116; 5 – A & W; 6 – Ford Field, home of the Lions; 7 – Margaret Atwood; 8 – Lake Wawanosh; 9 – A loaf of bread; 10 – Howard Hughes

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