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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – In the Peanuts cartoons, who was the catcher on the baseball team?

2 – What local church’s historic 2,000-pound bell was recently put back into operation?

3 – In the musical Annie, what billionaire adopts Little Orphan Annie?

4 – As a member of Canada’s Maple Leafs 15’s team, Sarnia’s Daria Keane is playing what sport against the U.S. All-American squad this week in Utah?

5 – Until last week, the U.S. Marine Corps had mistaken the identity of one of six marines shown in what iconic WWII photo?

6 – Blue-coloured plugs at various mobility charging stations throughout the city are designated for whose use? 

7 – In 1896, the movie The Widow Jones shocked viewers by showing the first ever what on film?

8 – A local Maverick or MAV campaign is encouraging men to wear white hoodies on Fridays to support what cause?

9 – What modern communication device was given its name when a marketing agent observed that the tiny buttons looked like seeds?

10 –  People usually refer to a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle by what term?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Schroeder; 2 – Our Lady of Mercy Church; 3 – Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks; 4 – Rugby; 5 – Flag Being Raised at Iwo Jima; 6 – Those operating scooters or electric wheelchairs; 7 – Kiss; 8 –  Stop Violence Against Women; 9 – BlackBerry; 10 – Humvee.















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