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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Ads for what chocolate bar often feature the line “You’re not you, when you’re hungry.”?

2 – Eighteen students from local high schools received $1,000 apiece at what agency’s Annual Celebration of Youth Awards?

3 – A hundred years ago, what trademark character for Planter’s Peanuts was created by a Virginia schoolboy who won $5 in a design contest?

4 – What church near Lake Huron was built in the late 1850s, making it the oldest church in Bright’s Grove and one of the oldest in Lambton County?

5 – What U.S. state is the most densely populated state with approximately 452 people per square kilometre?

6 – Sarnia-born Doug Armstrong is the current general manager of what NHL team?

7 – What Tony Award-winning musical is actually a thinly veiled biography of Diana Ross and the Supremes?

8 – What is the new area code coming to Sarnia next week?

9 – Shades of Seinfeld. In a 1996 auction, Arnold Schwarzenegger paid $772,500 for whose set of golf clubs, complete with monogrammed golf bag?

10 – What collectible stone is actually fossilized pine tree resin?

– Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – Snickers; 2 – YMCA; 3 – Mr. Peanut; 4 – St. John in the Wilderness; 5 – New Jersey; 6 – St. Louis Blues; 7 – Dreamgirls; 8 – 548; 9 – President John Kennedy; 10 – Amber

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