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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What nautical measurement is the speed of one sea mile per hour?

2 – The Sarnia Tennis Club was incorporated in the same year the Great Depression began. What year?

3 – What does Ne stand for on the periodic table?

4 – When it officially opened its doors in 1975, what current Sarnia facility was known as “The Sarnia and District Crippled Children’s Centre”?

5 – The Manhattan project was a secret military project to build what?

6 – The motto of what service club – and Sarnia has three chapters – is “Service Above Self”?

7 – The last metal children’s lunchbox was manufactured in 1987 and featured a picture of what Sylvester Stallone action hero?

8 – What Sarnia-born animal expert and TV personality is the new host of a TV design competition series called Game of Homes (on W network)?

9 – Since it contains sheep’s lung, what Scottish national dish has been banned in the US for the last 44 years?

10 – Archaeologists who recently scanned the 400-year-old tomb of William Shakespeare discovered that The Bard’s body seems to be missing what part?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Knot; 2 – 1929; 3 – Neon; 4 – Pathways Health Centre for Children; 5 – Atomic Bomb; 6 – Rotary; 7 – Johnny Rambo; 8 – Dave Salmoni; 9 – Haggis; 10 – His Skull









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