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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – A tuning fork has how many prongs?

2 – As part of National Engineering Month, a competition in what subject for Grade 5 – 8 students will be held at SCITS on April 16th?

3 – What candy was developed in the Second World War and designed to not melt in soldiers’ hands?

4 – What exercise, a combination of Latin dancing and aerobics, is offered at several local venues?

5 – Of America’s 50 states, which one lies the farthest south?

6 – The name of what local community was a combination of the first names of the two Talfourd brothers, who immigrated to Moore Township from England in the 1830s?

7 – The soft drink ”Mountain Dew” is an old slang term meaning what?

8 – Sarnia’s Sue Weir excels in what sport, holding numerous Canadian and provincial records?

9 – Flim-Flam and Whiff-Whaff are names that have been used over the years for what game?

10 – In 1869, an American missionary in Japan built the first model of what type of cart/vehicle to help transport his invalid wife?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Two; 2 – Mathematics; 3 – M & M’s; 4 – Zumba; 5 – Hawaii; 6 – Froomfield; 7 – Moonshine/Homemade liquor; 8 – Swimming; 9 – Table Tennis (Ping Pong); 10 – Rickshaw









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