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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What were the first names of the pioneering aviators, the Wright brothers?

2 – As of April 1, the toll for a car to cross the Bluewater Bridge at Point Edward will be what?

3 – What was the nickname of Englishman, Michael Edwards, who came last in his event in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary?

4 – What speed limit will be maintained in front of the commercial plaza at Bright’s Grove?

5 – Which English word for a type of single storey dwelling is derived from the Gujarati word meaning “of Bengal”?

6 – The Sting set a franchise record by winning how many games this regular season?

7 – Known as Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II trained as a what in World War II?

8 – As part of Sarnia’s Showcase Literacy presentation, what author of the highly successful novel The Life of Pi will be speaking on Saturday at the Sarnia Public Library?

9 – George Orwell introduced the slogan “Big Brother is watching you!” in what dystopian novel?

10 – Stranger than fiction. A March, 2000 episode of what animated TV show featured Donald Trump as President of the US?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Orville and Wilbur; 2 – $4 Canadian/$3.50 U.S.; 3 – Eddie the Eagle; 4 – 70 km/h; 5 – Bungalow; 6 – 42; 7 – Ambulance Driver/Mechanic; 8 – Yann Martel; 9 – 1984; 10 – The Simpsons









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