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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – For 59 years – and until 2012 – Bazooka Joe Gum came wrapped in a tiny what?

2 – Opened officially last month, the Sarnia-Lambton Aktion Club is designed to allow what group of people to give back to their community by assisting at local events?

3 – The name of which North African city literally means “white house”? (Also a famous movie title)

4 – In a pilot program, Blue Water Anglers is educating Lansdowne Public students about the life cycle of what fish?

5 – What branch of mathematics deals with the relation of angles and sides of triangles to one another?

6 – Members of Sarnia’s Sea and Air Cadets are improving their speaking skills thanks to the help of what local organization?

7 – Who, in Greek mythology, were the semi-divine female beings who by their songs lured men to destruction?

8 – Before participants played indoors in 1874, what sport dates to 1866 when enthusiasts would clear snow off Sarnia Bay?

9 – Due to privacy laws, what group of people has recently been excluded from participating on the popular TV show, Jeopardy?

10 – In which year did the Cuban Missile Crisis occur?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Comic Strip (replaced with brainteasers and puzzles); 2 – Adults with disabilities; 3 – Casablanca; 4 – Salmon; 5 – Trigonometry; 6 – Sarnia Toastmasters (International Leadership Program); 7 – Sirens; 8 – Curling; 9 – Canadians; 10 – 1962










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