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Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – What nickname was given to the skull and crossbones flag that pirate ships flew?

2 – Over 10,000 local enthusiastic residents gathered downtown recently for what two-day event?

3 – What two flavours make mocha?

4 – This weekend’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ at the Holiday Inn will be raising money for what local agency?

5 – Which British film won nine Oscars in 1997?

6 – Currently showing at the Norman & Judith Art Gallery downtown, Masterworks is on loan from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery located in what Maritime province?

7 – In terms of written English, what word is most often used? (Hint: you won’t find it in this question . . . or this clue)

8 – What famous beer tycoon was kidnapped while driving from Bright’s Grove to London in 1934, creating a national sensation?

9 – To what is sugar usually added to make a meringue?

10 – What Beach Boys’ song was inspired by Brian Wilson’s mother, who believed that dogs could sense invisible feelings in the air?

– Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – Jolly Roger, 2 – Rogers Hometown Hockey; 3 – Chocolate and coffee; 4 – Alzheimer’s Society of Sarnia Lambton; 5 – The English Patient; 6 – New Brunswick; 7 – The; 8 – John Sackville Labatt; 9 – Egg Whites; 10 – Good Vibrations








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