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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What seven-letter adjective is most commonly used to describe the exuberant and freewheeling decade of the 1920s?

2 – Sarnia-born Justin Vallee travels the world painting what type of art?

3 – What bloodsucking worms have been used by doctors for over 2,000 years to maintain blood circulation during delicate operations?

4 – Steve Brown of Lambton College was the first Lambton student ever to win a medal nationally in what sport?

5 – What is the only lizard that has a voice? (Their name arose from the sound they make, originating from a Malay word)

6 – From the 1850s until 1902, the largest employer in Point Edward was the GTR, which stood for what?

7 – What is the watery liquid that separates from the solids, or curds, in cheese making?

8 – Founded in 1863 and located at its present site since 1873, what school is the longest continuously running school in Sarnia-Lambton?

9 – The steps of the New York public library are guarded by what animals (in statue form)?

10 – Imported into Europe for the first time by Dutch traders around 1610, what beverage was first sold commercially in Britain around 1650?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Roaring, 2 – Street art (Murals on walls); 3 – Leeches; 4 – Golf; 5 – Gecko; 6 – Grand Trunk Railway; 7 – Whey; 8 – Bright’s Grove Public School; 9 – Lions; 10 – Tea







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