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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1.      For one point, what are the three names of the recently born daughter of the Prince Andrew and Princess Kate?  For two points, put them in order.

2.      Sarnia’s Jamie Fraser excels at what sport?

3.      What former capital of Japan is an anagram for Japan’s present capital?

4.      What colour ribbons are now placed throughout the community to remind people to enjoy alcohol-free boating this summer?

5.      In 1969, the first album of what legendary rock and roll group fittingly showed the explosion of the Hindenburg on its cover?

6.      A sign at the corner of Lochiel and Christina is urging you to do what type of walk as you make your way to see Monty Python’s Spamalot at the Imperial Theater the next two weekends?

7.      On May 20, 1990, what apparatus sent its first photograph from space?

8.      St. Vincent, Nelson, and Collingwood Streets in Sarnia were all named after Englishmen who were what?

9.      What famous Paris landmark was constructed between 1806 and 1836 to celebrate the victories of Napoleon?

10.    What celebrity doctor has come under attack by critics who contend he is promoting “quack treatments”?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Charlotte Elizabeth Diana; 2 – Hockey; 3 – Kyoto; 4 – Purple; 5 – Led Zeppelin; 6 – A Silly Walk; 7 – Hubble Space Telescope; 8 – English Naval Officers  (Admirals); 9 – Arc de Triomphe; 10 – Dr. Oz











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