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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1.      If you take any number, double it, add ten, divide by two, and subtract the original number, the answer is always . . .

2.      The longest-serving English monarch in history to date has what two older streets in Sarnia named for him/her?

3.      Albertville and Lillehammer were two venues for which event in the 1990s?

4.      P.J. Vandervaart, Bobby King, and Jordan Fogarty all play for what Sarnia team?

5.      Which British tycoon founded Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records?

6.      What new school program will Holy Rosary in Wyoming, St. Joseph’s in Corunna, and St. Anne in Sarnia be providing their students?

7.      Which Shakespearean tragedy is often referred to as “The Scottish Play” because of the superstition of bringing bad luck to the production by mentioning its actual title aloud?

8.      Built on seven acres and at a cost of over $600,000, SCITS opened its doors at its present site in what decade?  Get the correct year and give yourself two points.

9.      Barbara Millicent Roberts is officially celebrating her 56th birthday next week, but she’s better known to generations of young girls by what one word name?

10.    Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery were both born in what year?  a) 1930    b) 1935    c)1940

- Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Five; 2 – Queen and Victoria; 3 – Winter Olympics; 4 – Sarnia Legionnaires; 5 – Richard Branson; 6 – A Nutrition Program/Healthy Eating Program; 7 – Macbeth; 8 – 1920s (1922); 9 – Barbie (Barbie Doll); 10 – 1930 (both will be 85 this May and August respectively)










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