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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1.      The cause of what colour fever was discovered in 1900?

2.      Sarnians may find it more convenient to travel internationally with the opening of what service locally next week?

3.      In what film does Tom Hanks play a senior associate in a law firm who sues his former employers for wrongful dismissal because he has AIDS?

4.      What spelling is used on the newly erected and publicly disputed signs on

Lakeshore Road? a) Brights Grove  b)  Bright’s Grove c)  Brights’ Grove

5.      Charlie Sifford, who recently passed away at the age of 92, was the first African-American to break the colour barrier in what sport?

6.      Global Donuts on London Line sold a staggering 18,000 what on Shrove

Tuesday last week?  (Spelling does not count)

7.      Which South American country is home to the ancient city of Machu Picchu?

8.      In which European country did Sarnia-born twins Chris and Cam Abbott win the  Champions Hockey League Title earlier this month?

9.      Earlier this year, what Canadian was announced as being “the new face and body” of Calvin Klein?

10.     In 1963, what citizen of England was made the first honorary citizen of the United States?

– Tom St. Amand

 ANSWERS: 1 – Yellow; 2 – Passport Service Office; 3 – Philadelphia; 4 – b) Bright’s Grove; 5 – Golf; 6 – Paczki (Pronounced Poonchkies–and sometimes spelled this way) 7 – Peru; 8 – Sweden; 9 – Justin Bieber; 10 – Winston Churchill












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