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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1.      What famous American magician shares his name with a Charles Dickens’ character?

2.      Signs will soon be placed near six hills in Sarnia warning people to do what at their own risk?

3.       Patented by its inventor around 1900, what type of bed folds out of a wall?

4.      Bon Appetit! Men Who Cook, an event providing food and entertainment on Feb. 28th, raises money for what local agency?

5.      GO SET A WATCHMAN, to be released in July, is the sequel to what famous novel author Harper Lee wrote in 1960?

6.      Sarnia native Michael Marinaro represented Canada recently at what sport in Seoul, Korea?

7.       Which element on the periodic table is represented by the letters Hg and was originally called hydragyrum?

8.      What swept through Sarnia at approximately 5:20 on May 21, 1953, damaging hundreds of buildings and injuring 38 Sarnians, but causing no deaths in the city?

9.       Meaning “ship” in Latin, what is the term for the area of a cathedral where the congregation sits?

10.    In 2006, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization found that flatulence from what group of animals was a greater source of greenhouse gas emissions than car exhaust fumes?

– Tom St. Amand

 ANSWERS: 1 –   David Copperfield; 2 – Toboggan; 3 – Murphy Bed; 4 – Huron House Boys Home; 5 – To Kill a Mockingbird; 6 – Figure Skating; 7 – Mercury; 8 – Tornado ; 9 – Nave; 10 –  Cows









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