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More Sarnia authors and books published in 2014

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It has been a banner year for Sarnia authors, from sports to history, and children’s books to poetry,

To help match local readers with local writers The Journal has prepared a compendium of 2014 titles. Here, in no particular order, is Part Two:


The First Canadian

Allen Wells

The First Canadian is an approving biography of Prime Minister W. L. Mackenzie King, who was the longest-serving prime minister in the British Commonwealth.

The book contains a number of little-known stories about King, who Wells believes has been unfairly dismissed as a peculiar man who “talked to ghosts.”

Communing with spirits was also a hobby of Queen Victoria and Abraham Lincoln, said Wells, a former school board director and well-known Sarnian.

“Much more importantly, he listened to Canadians and looked forward to the contribution they were able to make to the world.”

As a long-serving politician, King naturally collected political opponents and most other biographers have adopted their point of view, in direct opposition to the clear record of Mackenzie King to Canada and its growing international role, he said.

The First Canadian (Xlibris Corporation, 2014) has already been added to more than a dozen libraries, including the National Library of Scotland.

The book is available at The Book Keeper and amazon.ca


From God to You

Scott Curran

From God to You is the latest in a series of religious books from Bright’s Grove writer Scott Curran.

Like previous offerings, this one is written from the point of view of God speaking directly to the reader.

It is a book of contemplation, and divided into thirty chapters so it can be used for daily reflection on passages from the Bible, and paraphrases of scripture.

An example:

“There’s a time for everything. I’ve placed you in your current circumstances for a purpose. My will is revealed in the events of each moment. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

“I am the true light that gives light to everyone.”

“Leave everything to me, and my peace, which passes all understanding, will fill your heart and mind.”

Curran has more than 10 previous ebooks. From God to You is available as Amazon.ca and The Book Keeper.

Morning Glory

Kim Halerwich-Clark


Morning Glory is the newest addition to the ‘Solution Wizard’ series of self-help books penned by Corunna real estate agent Kim Halerwich-Clark.

Halerwich-Clark says the book can help readers transform their perspective to lead a happier life, going through steps to realize aspects of daily life that might have been overlooked.

It’s pitched at people feeling overworked and stressed out who want to bring positivity into their lives by focusing on self-empowerment and discovery.

In 2013, Halerwich-Clark published a financial self-improvement book called It’s Just a Little Change. It was written to help people of all income levels take control of their finances and relieve themselves of debt, according to her website.

The website also allows readers to earn income and share in the Solution Wizard series profits by reselling the books to friends and family.

Morning Glory is available at The Book Keeper and createspace.com

You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes

Chris Hadfield

Following the worldwide success of his blockbuster, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, Sarnia’s most famous son is set to release a book of photographs on Oct. 14.

Hadfield took thousands of stunning images of earth from the copula of the International Space Station, and the best of them have gone into this book.

Divided by continent, You Are Here represents one idealized orbit of the ISS.

One online review calls it a surprisingly intimate and compelling visual essay: “Chris sees more in these images than we do, not just because he’s spent months in space but because his in-depth knowledge of geology, geography and meteorology allows him to read the mysteries the photos reveal.”

Hadfield is returning to Sarnia for a Nov. 1 book signing organized by The Book Keeper at the Huron Flight Centre, Hangar #1, at Chris Hadfield Airport.

Given the expected crowds, we suggest to avoid disappointment that you visit www.sarniabookkeeper.com for the logistical details.



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