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Sarnia among the safest places to drive in Canada

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Sarnia is one of the safest communities in Canada in which to drive.

The city ranked #6 in Allstate’s most recent Safe Driving Study, which compiled and averaged collision data from 2008 to 2018.

Hanmer, Ont. had the lowest collision claim frequency, at 3.8% per 100 cars, while North York at 7.1% was the worst among 64 communities in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Sarnia, which has always scored well in the annual ranking, had a claim rate of 4.4%.

Fridays are the most accident-prone day of the week while Sundays are the safest to be on the road, the study found.

In many places, the date with most collisions was Dec. 23. The safest was Dec. 25.

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