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Remembering the Golden Hind Room at Latner’s

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Journal Staff

Readers of a certain age will remember ‘The Golden Hind Room’ at Latner’s restaurant in the Northgate plaza, which was a happening place in the 1970s.

Sam Latner’s licensed dining lounge and tavern boasted of “superb food served in the Sixteenth Century atmosphere of the Elizabethan Age,” most notably its Dixie Lee fried chicken dinners.

The Golden Hind Room itself was located in the back and built to feel like the inside of a ship, specifically the English galleon of the same name that circumnavigated the globe in 1580 under captain Sir Francis Drake.

The cozy tavern featured coffered ceilings, wine barrels, stained glass captain-quarter windows and pistols, swords and muskets affixed to the walls.

Today, the Boulevard Grill carries on the tradition of a restaurant operating at 560 Exmouth St.

Dave Burwell Collection, Sarnia Historical Society


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