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Q&A with Brian Everaert, People’s Party of Canada

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Q1: The climate crisis and changing attitudes globally have put fossil fuels in the crosshairs. Any ideas on transitioning the Sarnia-Lambton economy to one less reliant on oil and gas?

Brian Everaert

EVERAERT: The People’s Party has no intention of doing a green transition in Sarnia-Lambton and we will encourage the expansion of our industries in the Valley.

We must fight climate alarmism to ensure that our local refineries stay in our community and prosper. At the People’s Party we see no compelling reason to jeopardize our prosperity with more government interventions and pie-in-the-sky ideas.

We will abolish the Liberal government’s carbon tax and leave it to provincial governments to adopt programs to reduce emissions if they want to. We will prioritize implementing practical solutions to make Canada’s air, water and soil cleaner.

A green transition will knock the knees out from underneath our economy and hurt the whole community’s future. As the MP, I will not let that happen.


Q2: Many of our young people are drowning in student debt and home ownership has become a pipe dream. What can be done to make life more affordable for young people in our community?

EVERAERT: Young people in Canada are being met with a huge challenge. The governments of the past have not set them up for success. The solution to prosperity for our young people is in job creation.

We must strive to lure business into Sarnia-Lambton and encourage Federal government programs that encourage apprenticeships that lead to high paying jobs. When our young people are employed with high paying jobs their debt can be repaid and home ownership becomes a realistic goal.


Q3: Vaccine passports. Where do you stand, personally, on government requiring citizens to provide proof of vaccination to attend events and access non-essential services?

EVERAERT: Like (PPC Leader) Maxine Bernier I am 100% against vaccine passports. Canadians should never live in a show-me-your-paper society. The pitfalls of segregation should have been learned long ago and we have no place in Canada for a two-tiered society.

I believe in freedom of choice. If you want or have a vaccine fine, but if you choose not to that is your personal business and the government has no business mandating medical treatments on anyone without their consent.


Q4: Canada’s federal debt surpassed a mind-boggling $1 trillion this year and is growing at the rate of $17 million each and every hour, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Are you concerned about federal spending, and if so, what can we do without?

EVERAERT: Canada’s federal debt is out of control and spending absolutely needs to be reeled in. The PPC would phase out all COVID spending programs and reverse new spending programs that were announced by the Trudeau government. We would also stop sending money out of the country and keep it here for our own prosperity. We can no longer send billions overseas until we get our debt zeroed out.


Q5: What, to you, is the most important issue in Sarnia-Lambton right now, and why?

EVERAERT: I think the most important issue in Sarnia-Lambton right now is getting this COVID situation behind us. Not only does it hurt our families, friends and community, it is also impacting our jobs and the future of the riding.

We must find an end to this COVID problem and get our lives back to normal. The longer that we put restrictions on our society the further and further behind we will fall.

All aspects of our lives have been affected including a strain on mental health. Canada is a free society and we cannot allow vaccine segregation to forever stain and divide our great country.


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