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PHOTO OF THE DAY: ‘Opal’ the white squirrel

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Journal staff

Nadine Wark snapped these photos of one of the white squirrels at Germain Park last week.

“I have been looking for the while squirrel(s) at Germain Park for many weeks now,” she wrote. “Finally, I believe the smaller white one, Opal, showed up… the bigger one, Pearl was not be seen.”

“I finally had success in snapping a few photos. I did throw her peanuts, but she was fast on her feet.”

This white squirrel in Sarnia’s Germain Park is nicknamed ‘Opal.’ (Nadine Wark photo)

Residents first noticed Sarnia’s rare white squirrel a couple of years ago, gambolling about Germain Park, nicknaming it Pearl. A smaller one was discovered, and nicknamed Opal.

The Eastern grey squirrel is normally black or grey but carries a gene that occasionally results in a white coat.

It’s believed white squirrels are so rare because their bright colouring stands out and makes them an easy target for predators, thus reducing the chance of the gene being passed on.

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