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OPINION: Bright’s Grove boating problem an either oar situation

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George Mathewson

It’s a good thing City Hall is looking into what can be done to separate the swimmers from the boaters at Bright’s Grove beach.

Powerboats anchoring in close to shore and jet skis zipping in and out have triggered complaints in recent years from beach-goers, who have always got the bureaucratic run-around.

Gasoline fumes, slicks and the risk of a serious accident were shrugged off by various agencies that would say, “Hey, it’s not their jurisdiction.”

“The quality and pleasure of swimming for myself, neighbours, locals and the numerous people who flock here in the summer is being compromised,” resident Kim Lichty told city council on Feb. 5.

She suggested the creation of designated swimming areas, or at least anchored buoys to keep boaters away from people on the beach.

Those are both good ideas.

Council has asked city staff to determine who is actually responsible for the offshore waters at Bright’s Grove and to report back with possible options.

Hopefully, a solution can be in place for this summer before an accident waiting to happen, happens.


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