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Northern puts the ‘FUN’ in fundraising for Terry Fox

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By Haylee Sykes

Northern Collegiate held its annual Terry Fox Day event last week.

The event was organized by Mrs. Maczko’s Grade 12 Leadership class, and they had one goal in mind: raising money in honour of Terry. 

The day consisted of activities like educating kids on the significance of Terry Fox, doing four laps around the track, and ending with a fun pie-in-the-face event.

Students from Northern’s Grade 12 Healthy Active Living and Recreation Leadership Class organized a successful Terry Fox Run event last week. Pictured are: Roaa Al-Khalil, Kyle Churchill, Parker Currie, and Roman Arcamone. (Photo by Mackenzie Isaac)

“It was interesting,” said Mackenzie Issac, a Grade 12 Leadership student. “You learn a lot from each other while planning it all and learn more about Terry Fox.” 

“It was more challenging than I thought it would be,” Michaela Roesner said. “I’ve never planned something like that.” 

In total, the school set a goal for $2,400 towards the cause, and ended up exceeding that by $1263.06, making the grand total $3,663.06.

It was Mr. Sydorko’s grade 11/12 Tech Class that helped put them over the top, by raising a total of $1,374.45.

Before the event, students from all grades cast their votes on who to pie in the face.

The lucky winners included teacher Mr. Leverre, and vice principals Mr. Passmore and Mr. Jeffrey.

Mr. Leverre gets a pie-in-the-face from Grade 10 student Christopher Mitro, as part of Northern Collegiate’s Terry Fox Run activities. (Mackenzie Isaac photo)

“If taking a pie in the face is what brightens someone’s day or raises money for charity, I’ll take it anytime,” Mr. Leverre said. 

“I think it’s awesome,” Mr. Jeffrey added. “Signing up for something like that as an administrator, you kind of know the writing’s on the wall, but when it’s for a good cause, it makes it easy to make that decision.” 

Northern Collegiate Vice Principal Nathan Jeffrey was pied-in-the-face last week, all for a good cause as part of the school’s Terry Fox Run events. (Submitted photo)
Northen student Josh Manning poses for a photo with Vice Principal Marty Passmore during the school’s Terry Fox activities. (Submitted photo)

The student who earned the most votes for a pie-in-the-face was Joe Howell. 

“It feels awesome,” he said. “All the donations went to a good cause. I’m just glad people feel comfortable enough, putting money in my name, to pie me in the face.” 

The students from Northern who participated in this event as well, also had a few words about Terry Fox.

“I think what he did was amazing for cancer research,” one student said. “It was so significant that we still do an event every year.”

Another student added, “I think he is such an inspiration to so many people, especially to the ones who are struggling with cancer.”

Even though all students are different and have their own ways, we can still all come together to help those who have suffered and continue to suffer from cancer.

Haylee Sykes is a Grade 11 student at Northern Collegiate, completing her co-op placement with The Sarnia Journal.

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