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No action planned for Cull Drain

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A petition requesting the mouth of the Cull Drain be dredged and breakwalls built into Lake Huron been rejected.

This spring, 11 petitioners asked the city to clear the “bottleneck” of sediment at the drain’s outlet to prevent flooding on their properties.

The city hired R. Dobbin Engineering Inc. to study the drain, which handles runoff from parts of St. Clair, Enniskillen and Plympton-Wyoming.

The petition was rejected because none of the 11 petitioners had property abutting the Cull Drain, only upstream of the requested work.

The Cull Drain also isn’t covered by the drainage act, but is an outlet for Pulse Creek Drain, Perch Creek Drain and the Telfer Diversion Channel.

Concept drawings prepared by Bob Griffin – who led the petitioners – called for stone groins extending into Lake Huron from both sides of the creek mouth, as well as dredging.

Griffin said the improvements would allow water to drain properly and create a bay giving refuge to boaters in bad weather.

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