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New rules for recreational fires in Point Edward

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Cathy Dobson

It’s taken at least a year and a lot of revision, but village council is releasing what it hopes is the final draft of a new open air burning bylaw Thursday.

Backyard recreational fires are a Point Edward tradition and changes to the rules have upset numerous residents who attended multiple public meetings. A neighbour dispute that has brought the fire department out many times due to complaints over recreational fires sparked the revisions in the first place, according to CAO Jim Burns.

The revisions being circulated to residents this week via email allow for backyard recreational wood fires every day from noon to midnight. Fires must be three metres from any property line and five metres from any structure.  There are numerous specifics about size, excessive odour and ash.

Propane tables or propane fire pits are allowed 24/7.

Cooking fires are also allowed but must be extinguished as soon as cooking is complete.

To view the revisions, go to the Village of Point Edward website, click on the June 14 agenda, scroll down to the Open Burn Bylaw and click the attachment.

The open air burning bylaw will be discussed by council June 27. An enforcement bylaw will follow later this summer.

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