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New retailer brings calm to stressed customers

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Cathy Dobson

Opening a store called Mystic Mind prompts a lot of questions about metaphysics and spirituality, says co-owner Sandy Moreira.

And that’s largely why she and Angela Melnyk decided to go into business together.

“We want to have a retail store and to educate people at the same time,” Moreira said. “There’s so much that people don’t understand about positive thinking, calming the mind and metaphysics and how it can benefit your life.”

Mystic Mind opened in November on the southeast corner of Front and George.  The store offers everything from incense, tarot cards and teas to Himalayan rock salt lamps, candles, pendulums, books and crystals.

People have used energy fields from crystals for centuries, said Melnyk. While westerners tend to favour pharmaceuticals for healing and protection these days, there’s a renewed interest in the power of crystals.

“There a really big community of people in Sarnia who are like minded,” said Melnyk, emphasizing that Mystic Mind is all about natural healing and getting control of stress.

“It’s got nothing to do with religion. It’s about spirituality.”

Moreira and Melnyk got to know one another while working together in a local pharmacy. They found they shared an interest in metaphysics and decided to open their own store with a completely different approach to healing.

“We are soul sisters and this is our passion,” said Moreira. “I believe there is a place for medicine, but sometimes people have to look deeper into themselves to figure out the real cause of their health problems.”

Their business model was initially based on the retail store and Reiki sessions. Both owners are trained in the ancient Japanese technique of energy exchange. From the beginning they also offered readings and workshops by psychic Darin James.

But within the first week, at least half a dozen more services were added at Mystic Mind after numerous practitioners asked to use their space.

Moreira calls it the law of attraction.

Now she and Melnyk also earn a percentage of the fees charged by other practitioners who use their facilities for meditation sessions, life coaching, reflexology, and massage.

Special events include Michele Dionne’s series of Friday night workshops about the law of attraction and positive thinking. Janet Leonard is offering beginners’ astrology classes starting the end of March. And Darin James is teaching psychic development classes for people who want to tap into their psychic gifts.

“We’re already covering our overhead and doing better than we expected in our first year,” said Melnyk.  “We took a leap of faith and it’s working out well.”

The Mystic Mind Metaphysical Store is at 234 Front Street North. Call 519-491-7744 or visit on Facebook.


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