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New college club tackles injustice

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Susan Roberts

Special to The Journal

It didn’t take long for an injustice to land on the doorstep of the newly formed Social Justice Club at Lambton College.

Mature students at the Sarnia campus are upset that government funding used to secure summer jobs is available only to those aged 18 to 30, excluding a large and growing segment of the student population.

“Endless stories are heard about how people think there is injustice, yet too often concerns are brushed off,” said club co-founder Katie Horvath.

“Wherever there is a feeling of injustice someone should speak up. It is about bringing people of the community together.”

The Social Justice Club responded with a change.org petition that’s been signed by students and employers alike, eager to give all students an equal shot at placements and securing critical summer income.

Horvath and co-founder Kari Roos formed the club based on the principles of the Lambton College Centre for Social Justice, established in 2013.

The aim is to bridge the gap between individuals with power and the general public, and to focus on community rather than bureaucracy.

At biweekly gatherings known as “Coffee House Sessions,” students can discuss issues and actions at various locations throughout the campus.  Surveys are used to gain insight into leading student concerns, which include sexual assault, politics and mental health.

“Although the club is based at the college it expands throughout the community,” Roos said.

Faculty member Erica Kelly of the Centre for Social Justice has been a mentor to Horvath and Roos, and several community advisors are providing direction.

The club also brings in guest speakers. Last month, professor and World Bank consultant Khalen Nigim spoke about the difficulty Palestinian youth face in pursuing higher education.

For more on the Lambton College Social Justice Club, email [email protected], or go to http://socialjusticelambtoncollege.blogspot.ca/









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