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New city business teaching beginners how to throw a knife

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Troy Shantz

If axe throwing just isn’t cutting it for you perhaps throwing knives is your personal slice.

Entrepreneur Brett Dewhirst, 22, has launched SOS Knife Throwing, a business introducing customers to the art of throwing knives at Valley Axe on the Golden Mile.

“We’ve had a knife-throwing league for close to a year now,” said Dewhirst. “It’s slowly building.”

Dewhirst offers customers one-on-one lessons and group experiences, teaching basic throws and safety techniques.

These knives aren’t your kitchen variety. Competition knives are at least 12 inches in length and weigh about an ounce per inch.

They are also blunt and lack a “live edge,” so it’s difficult to cut yourself.

Similar to axe throwing, knife throwing involves tossing at targets from distances of two to seven metres.

Dewhirst has been throwing knives for about a year and has made a splash on the competition circuit.

He has three world titles and a world record – having scored 217 of a potential 240 points, the highest qualifying pro score for an amateur thrower.

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