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Motorists rile by tickets issued at new railway stop signs

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Journal Staff

Some local motorists are crying foul after being ticketed by CN Police for not obeying a new stop sign that appeared suddenly on St. Andrew Street.

City staff quickly erected the signs after a Transport Canada inspection last month found the rail crossing has sightline restrictions caused by nearby buildings.

CN Rail was ordered by Transport Canada to immediately stop all trains and flag them over the roadway crossing until the city could install the signage.

But shortly after the signs went up, City Hall began receiving complaints about CN Police ticketing drivers who hadn’t noticed the new stop.

CN Police have since agreed to issue warnings for the time being, said Mike Berkvens, the city’s director of engineering.

The municipal prosecutor has also agreed to review those tickets already issued on a case-by-case base should motorists appeal.

Berkvens said the city hopes to avoid the need for the stop signs and will discuss alternatives with Transport that address the sightline problem.









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