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MMA fighter making pro debut in Quebec City this week

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Troy Shantz

A Sarnia mixed martial arts fighter is turning professional.

Sean Meade, 29, has accepted a three-fight contract offer from TKO MMA, a Quebec-based mixed martial arts organization.

In his first fight on May 4 Meade will face opponent Danny Millette in Quebec City.

“I know we’re both going for kills, and we’re both looking to make an impression,” he said. “I’m here to clean house and take this “W” home.”

Meade, who works as a boilermaker with the Local 128, has been a fighter since his high school days at Northern and St. Patrick’s.

His group of friends was a scrappy bunch and often engaged in impromptu wrestling matches, he said.

“I was never into school sports or anything like that.”

That all changed when he visited Supreme MMA a decade ago.

“I walked into the club and never left,” he said.

Meade focused initially on kickboxing but added other fighting disciplines over time. Today he’s proficient in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission wrestling and boxing.

“You have to adapt, right?”

Meade has an amateur record of 12-1-1 in all disciplines.

Normally he competes in the 185-pound class but is slimming down to fight as a 170-pound welterweight.

Meade trains two hours a day and his regime includes weekly workouts with kickboxing partner Craig McDonald, Jiu-Jitsu coach Ronan Cunningham, and boxing coach Wade Fleming.

“I think a big reason for Sean’s success is he’s a natural for kickboxing, but he’s sought out other things,” Fleming said.

“Sean has had competitive boxing, real Jiu-Jitsu matches and real submission wrestling.”

Sean “The Celtic Nightmare” Meade said his first pro opponent is also a kickboxer with a 4-2 MMA record.

“I can see he likes to go in and bang and I think we’re going to put on an awesome show.”

Making your professional debut at the age of 29 is a bit unusual but Meade said he’s seizing an opportunity.

“I’ve had chances to before but it never felt like the right option,” he said. “This opportunity got set in front of me this time and it felt right.”

Meade has had success finding sponsors and helping to raise money for Sarnia’s Nicolas Andali, who was the victim of a March 18 hit-and-run on Lakeshore Road.

For more, visit www.facebook.com/sean.meade.581

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