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Lower speed limit in Bright’s Grove?

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The speed limit at the Bright’s Grove plaza is under review.

Several people have asked Lambton County to reduce the speed limit on that stretch of Lakeshore Road from 70 km/h to 50 km/h, citing concerns over pedestrian traffic and noise.

County staff says about 4,000 vehicles go through that commercial zone daily at the posted limit, and that standard road safety tests don’t show a need for a lower limit.

But county councillors thought it was worth a second look and recently asked county and city officials to review the idea with businesses before making a decision.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley said development is proposed for the area and lowering the speed limit may be necessary in the future

But “fooling around” with it without a proper study will cause more problems in the long run, he added.

– Petrolia Independent




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