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Letters: week of March 15

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No excuse for dog owners on trail too pooped to pop

Sir: This is to the kindly people who scoop their dog’s poop and neatly put the bag in a conspicuous place on the Howard Watson Trail.

Do you think the dog-log fairy is going to come by late in the evening and dispose of it?

If you’re not going to get rid of it, why would someone else do it?

Take it home and put it under your pillow.

Doug Hacking 



Presumptuous letter writer should practise what she preaches

Sir: I am writing with regard to Margaret Bird’s letter of March 1, entitled “‘Acting Mayor’ not a done deal.”

In her letter, Ms. Bird chastises The Journal for publishing an article on an issue (Acting Mayor) that has yet to take place. She asks: “Why would you even bother to take up space with that since it does not take effect until the next city council are in place.”

She further asks: “Isn’t it premature to announce something new that may never take place?  Why not wait until you are sure, before publishing?”

Ms. Bird, it would appear, is incapable of practising what she preaches. In the third paragraph of her letter she states: “The first thing that Mayor Bradley will discuss with the new council is the Procedural Bylaw, where they will clear out anything they do not want before starting the new tenure.”

Talk about being presumptuous about events that haven’t yet happened.

Mayor Bradley has not announced his candidacy for mayor. Mayor Bradley has not been re-elected mayor.

And who is to say the acting mayor provision of the Procedural Bylaw will be removed by the new council?

I think it’s time for Ms. Bird to practise what she preaches, and gives up her “Do as I say, and not what I do” philosophy.

Lawrie Lachapelle
Bright’s Grove



Sting fan eager for the hockey playoffs to begin

Sir: One thing I know, the up-coming OHL playoffs are going to excellent. The Sarnia Sting just don’t like either the Kitchener Rangers or the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds.

I am proud of the Sting. It’s a young team but it just doesn’t quit.

But I do question the officiating. Some games it seems the referees ignore the rulebook.

At one recent game the pride and joy of the Sarnia Sting , star forward Jordan Kyrou, took a shoulder to the nose. The nose is on the head, so that would appear to be headshot, right? There was no call.

Coach Derian Hatcher went wild at the Sting bench and the fans watched the replay three times on the new Jumbotron and roared their disapproval.

Well, the Sting mounted a comeback, won in overtime and everyone went home happy.

So it’s time to blow the whistle ref and drop the puck on the playoffs.

Go Sting go.

Cam Ross



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