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Letters: week of Sept. 14

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The ‘Fab Five’ works together to improve city, councillor says


Sir: Lately I hear talk on the streets about the “Fab Five.”

Now being a person of a certain age I recall the “Fab Four,” and those from the same era will know of whom I speak. But the “Fab Five” is the phrase commonly used today when speaking of members of City Council who agree on issues. It is intended as a moniker of disdain.

It is not new.

I have been a member of this infamous club since being elected to council in 2003.

I have remained a member of a “Fab Five” on every council I served on. Sounds like a good thing to me, people coming to agreement on an issue to move our community forward. Yes, I believe that is what I was elected to do.

Times change, and with the present Council I am no longer a “Fab Five” member. Instead, I am a part of the “Group of Seven“ moving our city into the 21st century. The “Group of Seven” agrees on a multitude of issues and has been largely consistent in their voting.

Sometimes, Councillor Boushy is a member of the “Group of Seven.” This occurred when, in a recorded vote, he approved the remediation plan for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Centennial Park.

The “Group of Seven” is bringing about change by providing workers with a safe work environment, empowering them to use their creativity, and by ending the isolation of departments. We are forging new relationships with community groups, and re-establishing relationships at the Provincial and Federal level. As councillors, we are working together.

There are even times when the “Group of Seven” has become the “Gang of Nine.” This happened at the July 31 meeting when Council voted unanimously to accept the “GFIVE” development group proposal to purchase the Sarnia General Hospital site.

City Council consists of members who draw on a broad background, bringing together a range of views and ideas. We have learned it is better to have a majority of people working together for the common good, than a minority that can’t.

And that indeed is Fabulous.

Anne Marie Gillis
City/County Councillor


Club says thanks for great season at Children’s Animal Farm


Sir: I am writing on behalf of the Seaway Kiwanis to thank the community for making the 2017 Children’s Animal Farm season such a great success.

Since 1964, Seaway Kiwanis has funded the Children’s Animal Farm in partnership with the City of Sarnia, and recently the Sarnia Humane Society was hired to care for the animals.

Thank you to all the visitors this season. We appreciate your positive comments, such as this one:

“Very impressed with the informative signage with literature about each animal; observed many families extremely interested, reading them to their children. The site was very clean and well maintained, providing a pleasurable environment to enjoy the animals.”

Thank you Humane Society staff. Your love for and knowledge of the animals is obvious. You make a visit to the Animal Farm a memorable event; holding a bunny and being serenaded by a happy donkey create lasting memories.

Thank you City staff for keeping the park looking great and for being available to maintain the equipment. Your quick response during special events is appreciated.

Thank you Alix Foundation, Lambton College students and staff, Carpenters Local 1256, and the many businesses that made the new Carriage House a reality. Many visitors used this beautiful structure this summer.

Thank you families who rode the Canatara Choo Choo. Thank you Eli and Mariel for operating the train. Great job, girls!

Thank you to the thousands who attended the Kiwanis Kids Free Day and enjoyed the many free activities, and the volunteers who help with its success.

Seaway Kiwanis members are proud to support the farm, but we couldn’t have done it without you.

The Kiwanis Children’s Animal Farm Charitable Foundation accepts tax-deductible donations to help with its operation. Visit seawaykiwanis.ca


Donna Kelso, President
Seaway Kiwanis Club


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