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Letters, week of Oct. 15

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Candidate’s comment was offside

Sir: A recent article in the Globe and Mail (“Gaffes: When Candidates Accidentally Tell the Truth”) quotes a Sarnia-Lambton candidate as saying, “People come to this country with certain values and now want to kill everyone else.”

The people alluded to are not named but familiarity with her party leader’s recent statements suggest the reference is to Muslims.

For ten years, the thirty families of the Sarnia Muslim Association have held an annual fund-raising dinner. Beneficiaries have included Bluewater Health, Pathways, Rebound, the YMCA’s Healthy Kids and other local organizations.  This is a process that has been duplicated in Masjids across Canada.

So far as I know, no money has been raised to kill anyone. Perhaps the candidate was thinking of some other immigrant group. More likely, the candidate just wasn’t thinking.

I have been waiting for a rebuttal by some responsible Conservative representative but time is slipping by.  I wish to disassociate myself from such comments, which have brought dishonour to my Riding through a display of ignorance and ingratitude. Respectfully,

Allen R. Wells



Beautifying Lakeshore Road

Sir: Kudos to the city for its efforts on cleaning up the north sides of Lakeshore Road from the Rainbow corner to Mandaumin.

Many homeowners have also taken responsibility for looking after the city property beyond their fences and they deserve high marks for that.  If everybody participated, with city approval, the whole stretch could become a most pleasant driving experience at minimal cost.

Plantings need not be consistent.  The city could suggest shrubs and flowers and monitor voluntary efforts to ensure some kind of good taste. Some homeowner fences could also use a little refurbishing.

Vandalism is always a threat to such civic enterprises and citizens would need to be wary of attempts to thwart their efforts.

Peter Banks

Bright’s Grove

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