Letters: week of Nov. 28

Why so few votes for Christian Heritage?

Sir: Reviewing this past federal election, and previous elections since 1986, one has to be puzzled by the pathetic low polling of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP).

By virtue of what they stand for they have, in my opinion, the only legitimate claim to the throne.

How ironic and unfortunate to dismiss the CHP, the only political party that embodies the Judeo-Christian values we enjoy and cherish the benefits of, in Canada and throughout Western nations.

Canada’s rule of law is, and to a certain extent still is, based on the supremacy of the God of the Bible. So how is it possible that the CHP from the time of its inception has averaged only 300 to 400 votes per riding?

Certainly there are more Christians than that in any given constituency, let along the potential votes of social conservatives. How embarrassing after 33 years that the CHP can barely compete with the Marijuana Party and the Rhinoceros Party.

More importantly, what kind of message is the Church of Jesus Christ sending non-Christian Canadians when Christians can’t even do what Jesus would say is our reasonable expected duty — like abolish abortion, for example.

Is it fair to assume the two are linked? Is the health of the CHP indicative of the health of the Canadian church?

Many Christians and social conservatives voted, I assume, for a pro-life and pro-family conservative candidate, believing he or she would carry the CHP’s water, even though past and present party leaders forbid their party to reopen controversial issues, such as abortion, euthanasia, marijuana use, etc.



Harry De Boer



Strong turnout for Remembrance Day was gratifying to Legion

Sir: The executive and members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 62 Sarnia wish to express their gratitude to the community for the support shown in the weeks leading up to and including Remembrance Day.

The community’s tremendous support was demonstrated by the wearing of poppies and through their generous donations to the Legion’s Poppy Fund. The money collected during our Poppy Campaign assists veterans and their families, and those donations are greatly appreciated.

The Candlelight Vigil was also very well attended, and it was gratifying to see so many candles laid in memory of our men and women who served Canada.

The inclement weather did not deter residents, as they once again joined with the Legion at the Remembrance Service held in Veterans Park. It was heartwarming to see so many people present to remember the sacrifices our veterans have made and, continue to make.

We also thank those who, because of work, family, health issues or school commitments, could not join us; but took a moment to stop and reflect.

And finally a special thank you to the Sea, Army and Air Cadets and their officers who helped. Cadets stood at locations throughout the city handing out poppies and collecting donations; cadets helped carry candles; and cadets stood vigil throughout the night during the Candlelight Vigil at the Legion cenotaph.

The cadets also leave the cenotaph Remembrance Service, along with the 1st Hussars, a little early every year to form up along Front Street at City Hall and pay their respects. The Cadets and the First Hussars stand and wait to offer the veterans a salute as they march by. This is an awesome gesture that is not lost on the many who have served.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 62 Sarnia, and most importantly, your support of this community’s veterans, and the greater veteran population of Canada.

Lest we forget.

Les Jones
Public Relations Officer,
Royal Canadian Legion
Branch 62, Sarnia


Preventing people from saving their land unfair

Sir: I would like to comment on the excellent guest column submitted to The Sarnia Journal by Kristen Rodrigues, on the St. Clair Conservation Authority foiling private landowners trying to protect their shoreline property.

I am sure that property owners facing Lake Huron in Bright’s Grove and other areas of Sarnia receiving shoreline protection are very happy about the decision to spend millions of taxpayers dollars, at no additional expense to themselves.

I also own lakefront property on Lake Huron, but not only am I not allowed to protect my property — even if I could afford the ridiculous price of approximately $8,000 a metre for Armour Stone — but I have to accept the fact my tax dollars are being used to protect other lakefront properties.

There are numerous homeowners willing to spend their own money to protect their property, only to be denied a permit by the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, and face legal action if they proceed without a permit.

Perhaps Bright’s Grove residents and others that benefit from the proposed shoreline protection should be assessed a fee for this land improvement, like when water or sewer lines are installed.

If you have one hundred feet of lake frontage, perhaps 25% of the $275,000 for the required Armour Stone the Conservation Authority insists on would be fair.

Maybe city councillor Margaret Bird could float this idea to Bright’s Grove residents.

The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority states one of the reasons it doesn’t want shoreline protection is it would result in more damage to other areas without shoreline protection.

If this is true, municipalities and the St. Clair Conservation Authority will be directly responsible for the increased erosion of property owners in the vicinity of the proposed shoreline protection.


Gerald C. MacKinnon



A ‘doula’ is someone who supports a woman delivering a baby

Sir: I always enjoy and look forward to receiving the Sarnia Journal with all the news and happenings throughout the city.

The Nov. 14 headline, “Abortion services” caught my eye, as I suppose a headline is meant to do. As I read the article, I came across the term “trained abortion doula” and the word doula stood out for me. I was curious to know the full meaning of it, so looked further for information.

Apparently, historically, ‘doula’ dates back to ancient times and is a Greek word for a woman whose function was a labour support person for a woman about to give birth.

The Webster dictionary define ‘doula’ as a person trained to provide advice, information, and emotional support to a mother-to-be, before, during and just after childbirth.

So putting the word abortion before the word doula changes the meaning and role altogether.

I would like to be a doula who reaches out and provides helpful and emotional support to a struggling or burdened mother-to-be. Not only being there for her during pregnancy and delivery, but afterwards too, if she needs it in any way. And I will tell you why.

“A mother never forgets the child within her womb,” whether she carries the baby when she is 15 or 40 years of age. An abortion will leave her suffering from the loss and emptiness for her entire life.

That is human nature; that is how we are made. And in my view a “trained abortion doula” can do nothing to prevent this.

I myself choose to be a “doula.” Sincerely,


Mary Mitro



Loving cat finds her way home after being gone two months

Sir: Justine was born and raised outside as a feral cat very close to my house.

I ensured there was always food, water and a warm place for her to sleep. In time, Justine grew to trust me and we became very close. She was always around, and when called she always came running home, and was never too far away from her cat house.

One morning in June, Justine wasn’t around. I called for her every morning and evening. I knew in my heart something was wrong! She would never leave and not come back. I was very worried and missed her terribly!

After two long months she returned home in very rough shape, dehydrated, starving and with her tail missing. It broke my heart.

I truly believe someone in my neighbourhood trapped her and released her far from her home. I want to make everyone aware that some people don’t like cats, especially black cats like Justine. Some will trap them and release them elsewhere without a second thought.
Don’t give up hope on fur babies that go missing. The love our fur babies have for us is truly amazing.

I don’t know what Justine went through or how she found her way back to me, but she did. An animal that makes their way home to you shows you what true love really is!


Jenny Parks



After a cold start, the Sarnia Sting are hot, hot, hot

Sir: What a difference a month can make. After losing their first seven games of the season the Sarnia Sting won 10 of the next 13 games, and beat some good teams along the way.

The goaltenders are hot, the defence is solid, and Jamieson Rees, Ryan Roth and Sean Josling (the Joslinger) are on fire.

This team is probably the best I’ve seen in years, for the combination of experience, youth, desire, skill and grinding-type players.

General manager Nick Sinclair has put together a group that looks confident and poised, and the coaching staff and owners are pulling all the right strings.

It’s exciting to come to the rink again because you know they are going to put on a show.

The hive is alive, so join us Sarnia fans for a buzzing good time.

Cam Ross