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Letters: week of Nov. 19

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Online shopping easy but fraught with many hidden problems

Sir: Online shopping is great – until something goes wrong.

The steps involved in the transaction can easily trick you into thinking, ‘This is great.’ Great product (look at the reviews!) great price and delivery.

But then, a month later the product they said would be at your door in five business days hasn’t arrived. When it does, though, that feeling of anticipation overwhelms you as you rush to open the brown box with the white labels.

But wait a minute. What is this? No, this isn’t what the webpage promised! And when you muster up the energy to tackle the “Return Policy” you learn what a tangled WEB they weave when first they practice to deceive.

Online shopping is impersonal. No one has to take personal responsibly for the wrong product, the broken product, the return-shipping costs, the wrong size, or the product that never arrived. It’s a dream come true for online retailers and manufacturers alike.

With online shopping once you press that “Complete Transaction” button the rest is out of your hands.

Remember the good old days? Go to a store, look at the product, discuss it with the retailer, buy it, and bring it home. And if it wasn’t up to scratch you simply brought it back.

But wait a minute! It can still be that simple.

All people need to do is Support Their Local Retailers!


Brian MacDonald



Veterinarians should offer emergency care

Sir: Regarding the Nov. 5 letter, “Sarnia’s pets need emergency veterinary service on weekends.”

I want to thank Brian MacDonald for his letter. In addition to veterinary emergency services on weekends, we also need “after hours” care on weekdays.

In August, my Great Dane Mabel (4 years old) became distressed at 9:30 p.m. on a Thursday. I called our veterinarian and the answering machine directed me to the London Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

I called London, and they said to bring her as quickly as possible. She died on the way, less than one hour after showing symptoms.

She may have choked on a bone or had heart failure, and perhaps she couldn’t have been saved.  But I do know I would have taken her to my own vet quickly when she was still alive.

I later found out Sarnia-area vets have agreed to not oer emergency services. That’s strange for me, because emergency service is why I chose my veterinarian in the first place, after my dog Max was hit by a car one long weekend.

Now, years later, this vet no longer oers emergency service, even for regular clients. This is a disgrace. Veterinarians are doctors and are suppose to be professional. Can’t they get together to take turns being on call 24/7?

For my new puppy I have chosen a different clinic because it does oer emergency service to their own clients.

I hope Sarnia-area pet owners can come together to convince all local vets to step up as professionals and do their due diligence and care for their clients 24/7.

Beth Schenk



Election lays bare the naked truth about Donald Trump

Sir: Regarding Donald Trump’s electoral defeat.

I am reminded of the children’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, in which swindlers convince a conceited emperor the garments they made for him are invisible to anyone who is incompetent.

Of course, all is a lie. The truth comes out when a child see the emperor and exclaims, “That man is wearing no clothes!”

Even then, the emperor doesn’t acknowledge the embarrassment.

Which brings me to Donald Trump, a self-absorbed wannabe emperor. His arrogance, self-importance and haughtiness were prominent in his persona, a personality without any presidential substance.

However, his supporters believed what they saw (or didn’t see) and what they were told. But much of what was seen or heard was a lie.

Thankfully, it took an election for the majority of U.S. citizens to expose the false and affirm the truth: “That man is a charlatan.”

Like the emperor, Trump’s true self has been laid bare.

I congratulate our neighbours to the south who voted for Joe Biden. In my opinion, they got it right. Well done!


Paul Kendall




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