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Letters: week of May 3

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MP Gladu misleading voters on Liberal job grants, gun control

Sir: Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu has publicly stated Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party Summer Jobs funding criteria infringes upon freedom of belief.

That is tap dancing around the truth.

The funding criterion has nothing to do with what anyone chooses to believe. It asks Canadians to obey Constitutional law and not actively interfere in other peoples Charter rights, like a woman’s right to choose.

The criteria does not infringe upon anyone’s beliefs or right to express them; it simply means that if you have, or plan to actively impede, harass, obstruct or disrupt women making a constitutionally protected personal decision about their own body, you can’t expect to receive federal grant funds.

MP Gladu conflates these two separate issues it seems, to mislead voters. Likewise, there is no ‘Liberal Values Test’ as a recent mail out suggests. That’s a propaganda term coined by Gladu’s party, also to mislead voters.

Churches still operate as always and pro-life folks can still believe abortion is wrong. Canadians remain free to believe absolutely anything they want. Scare tactics conjuring up images of ‘thought police’ are a feeble method to garner political support.

Canada’s Charter and Constitution uphold reproductive rights women fought decades for, and government is correct to refuse grants to those who would actively lobby to restrict them.

Justin Trudeau is in no way controlling thoughts, beliefs or values or telling people how to think or forcing anything on anybody; to imply otherwise deceives the public.

The Liberal government considers protecting the Constitutional rights of women to be important, even if the Conservative Party doesn’t.

Gladu has also publicly objected to newly introduced gun legislation, Bill C-71.

After a massive gun control rally by young people stateside, any Canadian politician denouncing sensible gun legislation in Canada is simply being ridiculous. This time MP Gladu conflated, for political expediency purposes, law-abiding duck hunters and criminals attacking the public.

MP Gladu’s habits of creating false dichotomies to mislead voters is a garish tactic to which most constituents, I would wager, probably pay very little or no respect.

Stanton Earle



Freedom of speech is for all people, regardless of politics

Sir: I find it so sad that the right to freedom of speech is governed by the political views of an author.

If you hold conservative views, you are denigrated publicly and likened to a slave owner or a racist because you disagree with a modern liberal worldview, such as abortion.

M. Law even had the temerity to castigate the editor of The Journal for publishing a letter he or she didn’t agree with last week.

In contrast, liberals will always defend their freedom of speech, even when their comments are offensive and scurrilous.

We have had much handwringing recently in the media over the continuing need to amalgamate or close schools in the region because of falling school rolls.

Proportional to the total numbers aborted throughout Canada, the total number of babies aborted in Sarnia is 3,500.

Had these children not been aborted, plus the subsequent offspring of these children, Sarnia’s population would be growing and the schools full.

When people talk about rights, they are basically talking about selfishness, the glue that seems to hold modern society together.


Keith Patrick


Kudos to Journal carrier for going above and beyond

Sir: I would like to congratulate The Sarnia Journal for your recent and impressive recognition as one of the best weekly newspapers in the province.

I would certainly concur with the powers that be on that front. It was timely for me to read of this great achievement, as I had also wanted to thank our local Journal deliverer at the grass roots level.

In November of last year, my husband and I moved to Heritage Park. Within two days, a young lady approached me asking if I wanted to have The Journal delivered to our new address. I explained we were heading south for the winter, but would return the first of April and would want it delivered at that time.

When we arrived home, I was confident I would need to make the necessary call to initiate delivery.  I was ecstatic when two short days later, The Journal was at my doorstep.

I would like to extend major thanks to this carrier for being on top of her job.

Is there any better way to begin one’s day than with a hot cup of tea and a new copy of The Journal?

I think not. It feels good to be home.

Donna Suffield


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