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Letters: week of Mar. 8

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Kudos to Theatre Sarnia for staging ‘Strangers Among Us’

Sir: Once again I am reminded of how very fortunate we are here in Sarnia.

Theatre Sarnia’s recent production of ‘Strangers Among Us’ dealt with the effects of Alzheimer’s disease on those affected and their family members.

Our local Alzheimer’s Society is acknowledged as a huge supporter for this show.

Thank you to all the cast and crew involved for their months of dedication.

Mary Ettinger



Reader warns of a new telephone credit card scam

Sir: Every active phone scammer has my number and they try the same cons all the time — until the other day.

This one was a bank scam it was new to me. After I hung up I called Sarnia Police and was given the phone number of “Phone Busters,” part of The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

The centre’s robot said they were taking a lot of calls that day and automatically hung up on me. I Googled Phone Busters and found my way to the C.A.F.C. website, where I could sign in and log in to tell them my story.

But I couldn’t be bothered with another password, so instead I’ll share this scam with my community.

A lady with a voice like my mother’s told me I’d been recognized as a client that regularly paid off his credit card every month. Because of this I was eligible for a NO INTEREST CREDIT CARD.

All I had to do was give her my card information.


Ed Williamson



Aamjiwnaang elder a worthy recipient of Order of Ontario

Regarding the story, “Aamjiwnaang elder to receive Ontario’s highest honour.”

In a country, as in a family, it seems the truth is only revealed once the “talking” begins. Unfortunately, the “listening” doesn’t always follow.

Guilt and anger run both ways in the harm perpetuated on children. Emotions then grow out of all proportion and begin to take on a life of their own, causing even more harm to those involved.

When compassion and devotion are applied to such situations, healing can begin.

The Order of Ontario being awarded to Geraldine Robertson is the very least we can do for such dedication.


Karen L. Wood



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