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Letters: week of June 7

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Andrea Horwath’s NDP is rife with extremist candidates

Sir: It’s baffling and terrifying to see people backing the Andrea Horwath-led NDP in this provincial election.

As they come into the light, we are really getting a taste of some of the twisted views their candidates bring to the election.

Take for example Brampton-East NDP candidate Gurratan Singh, pictured carrying a “F**K the Police” sign.

Or Erica Kelly saying she wouldn’t mind if legal gun owners were killed by drone strikes, or Rima Berns-McGowan and her anti-Israel views.

Who supports this insanity? Who supports inspirational Hitler memes, or a candidate who calls wearing a poppy brainwashing and insults Canadian Forces?

Why does Andrea Horwath not remove these extremists from her caucus?

Along with these candidates, she plans to turn Ontario into a sanctuary province. We already have struggling health care and hallway-care. Once sick illegal immigrants find out about the Ontario handouts, health care will be crushed under the influx.

It’s rapidly happening now in Quebec and Manitoba. Andrea still won’t cost this foolish policy or estimate how hard our social programs will be hit.

Taxes will rise, health care and social programs will be overburdened if not completely crushed, and Horwath will make teachers no longer accountable by removing standardized testing.

There is no reason to vote for the NDP extremists.

N.J. Fuller


Boat ownership a want, not a need

Sir: Regarding the May 31 letter, “Boater seeing red over fee increase to use city’s new boat launch.”

I often think when someone zeros in on a tax and/or fees that maybe they should look at the big picture (as in all taxes and fees and services we receive on a day-by-day basis).
I am a long-time retiree and still can manage to pay taxes and fees appropriate to my lifestyle. I don’t, and never have, owned a boat (know I can’t afford it).

I do own a pleasant home and serviceable car and make occasional trips (I think I can afford that). I think it’s called budgeting.
I don’t expect anyone to pay to help me. Why does anyone expect me to help (i.e. taxes) to help them?
However, the exception is now, and always has been, that I would rush to help the ill and needy.

I wouldn’t put boat owners in that category.  Sorry if I have offended anyone.

Janet MacKey


Let’s call mental health ‘stigma’ what it really is

Sir: Regarding the May 31 article on mental health, “Most area residents feeling pretty positive.”

To say that some people “experience stigma” is a misnomer.

There are people who experience prejudice and discrimination, and there are people who, conceding power to those directing that prejudice and discrimination, are trained to call it “stigma.”

I am not so trained. It is what it is, prejudice and discrimination.

Harold A. Maio
Ft. Myers, Florida


New municipal boat launch on Sarnia Bay a costly cash cow

I am writing about the new public boat launch on Sarnia Bay.

This facility has, over and over again, been the most disappointing part of the $13-million plus remediation of Centennial Park including, most recently, it being closed the first long weekend of the boating season.

When the original contractor was unable to meet its contractual obligation, the taxpayer had to flip the bill for an additional $682,000.

How much more money will be spent on this growing mountain of mismanagement?

As a boater and taxpayer, I find it unfortunate the old, functioning boat launch was dismantled and replaced with a new facility in a less than ideal location.

Why do we now have to pay $13 to use them? As taxpayers, we’ve already paid for them through the remediation and the $700,000 cost overrun.

The St. Clair Parkway Commission gifted the city those ramps many years ago, and they remained infrastructure available to the citizens, providing access to the St Clair River and Lake Huron.

These facilities attract tourism and generate substantial financial spinoffs in the form of fuel, restaurants, and accommodations.

But the city at some point thought it just to charge the public a fee to use them. I can only hope the intention was to put the money back into the facility for upkeep. But that didn’t happen and the old ramps and docks required attention.

Our council apparently felt city staff couldn’t manage the launch, and handed it over to Sarnia Bay Marina management.

Now, we have a brand new facility, one the taxpayer flipped the bill for twice, and which should require little to no upkeep for some time.

Yet, boaters are still being charged a $13 fee, which goes back to Sarnia Bay Marina.

Sounds to me like Sarnia’s taxpayers have just built a brand new cash cow.

Brian Morin


Not re-electing Kathleen Wynne would be a terrible mistake

If we can believe the polls, it looks as though Ontarians are about to make one of the worst mistakes in our province’s history by not re-electing Kathleen Wynne.

Kathleen Wynne is a brilliant and compassionate politician in her prime who has quickly raised our standard of living and brought us prosperity.

Ontario needs to thank Kathleen Wynne for her devotion to all Ontarians and for the integrity she has brought to Queen’s Park.

We have heard and read stories about how Kathleen Wynne is responsible for higher electricity costs. This is absolute nonsense!

If your electricity bill has gone up, it’s because of a ten-year period of the Conservatives creating billions of dollars of debt so they could say they didn’t raise energy prices. The interest on that debt was enormous.

Let’s remember too that our electricity is cleaner and greener than ever before, thanks to Kathleen Wynne’s environmental policies.

No matter what, Kathleen Wynne’s legacy will place her among the finest political minds in Canada. But why think of a legacy now when there is so much more she can bring to all of us in Ontario.

If you’re in a riding where the NDP are riding high, vote strategically to keep the Conservatives out.

David J. Nichols




Speeders race up Indian Road

Sir: Regarding Dan Owen’s May 31st letter, “Police issuing more tickets would slow down speeding drivers,” I would like to weigh in on what I see happening on a daily basis on Indian Road North.

The posted speed limit on Indian Road is 50 km/h, but the average speed most drivers are doing is 70-to-80 km/h. Drive at 60 km/h and the cars and trucks fly past you.

On the section of Indian Road North where I live there are three elementary schools and one high school, yet I have rarely seen any police officers enforce the speed limit in the six years I’ve been here.

Is there no concern for the safety of individuals walking and crossing the roads here? Are school zones not in need of strict speed limit regulations?

With the repaving of Indian road a few years ago speeds have only increased.

I would very much appreciate a response as to why police do not enforce the speed limit and allow this selfish, dangerous behaviour to continue?

Mark Nicholson 



Road rage, indeed


Sir: I would like to compliment guest columnist John Dickson on his well-written article (May 24 edition) regarding the terrible road that runs through Canatara Park.

That road is always an embarrassment to me when friends from out of town comment on its deterioration.

Judy Pletch



Hockey alive and well


Sir: I just watched the Memorial Cup final, and it was a showcase of Canadian hockey stars on ice with great hockey and great goaltending.

Congratulations to the Acadie-Bathurst Titan of New Brunswick, which won it all.

Hamilton represented the Ontario Hockey League well, outshooting its opponents in most games. Sarnia Sting fans didn’t see much of them, being in the east division, but watching them in the playoffs was exciting.

They fought hard and had Sarnia-Lambton’s own Kaden Fulcher, and he was outstanding in goal.

Hockey isn’t everything, and our hats are off to the Humboldt Broncos family, who we are still praying for.

I would like to thank The Journal for printing my “Sting reports” this year, and for winning an Ontario newspaper award for reporting.

I do love the game of hockey. May we learn to love people as much as hockey.

Cam Ross


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