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Letters, week of June 4

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Sex-ed curriculum offensive

Sir: I find Allan McKeown’s letter of Thursday, May 21, as disturbing as the new Sex Education curriculum.

I do not know Mr. McKeown’s political affiliation, but he has certainly used Liberal tactics in his letter. It is that perspective and consideration that I write from.

The letter tries to portray tolerance, but has intolerance written all over it. The Liberals portray themselves as the majority, the informed, as inclusive, as tolerant, as the voice of reason and logic, as protectors, as having science on their side, etc., while portraying those who have different or opposing views as intolerant, manipulative, exploitive, as imposing, as restrictors of rights, as misinformed, uninformed, as having agendas, etc.

However, I find it intolerant and ‘as having an agenda’ when the Liberals impose their controversial Sex Education curriculum on many unwilling parents in Ontario. I see it as an ‘agenda’ and intolerant when the Liberals impose ‘their’ value system on the children of Ontario.

And I find it offensive when the Liberals use my tax dollars to impose values that I consider perverse, on my grandchildren. (Yes, there are many parents and grandparents in Ontario who see perverseness in the Sex Education curriculum.)

I see the Liberal government as intolerant and as having an agenda when they impose wind turbines on unwilling communities.

One only has to take a quick look at the Liberal government’s record in Ontario to realize that this government has neither wholesome social values, nor good fiscal values. People of Ontario, do not be fooled by Liberal tactics and rhetoric. A step in the right direction? I think not.

Bob Thiessen



Students leaving litter on Rapid Parkway

Sir: As I walk with my son’s dog every day along the sidewalk on the west side of the Rapids Parkway I have to dodge the garbage left on the sidewalk, and restrain the dog from the garbage thrown freely in the grass between the sidewalk and the property fences.

This trash comes mainly from students attending the school who head to the plaza. Everything from glass to pizza boxes.

Maybe the school should provide some garbage pails along the way for their students, or have a group of students assigned to clean this stretch of the road on a daily basis.

Just saying!

Terry Douglas




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