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Letters, week of July 2

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Wedding ceremony was marred by thieves

Sir: On Saturday, June 20, at the pavilion by the Canatara Park Animal Farm, a beautiful wedding ceremony ended with the best man’s wife returning to their vehicle to find a window smashed out and her purse missing.

The thieves got away with all her ID, credit cards, and $500 cash. This occurred between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Who could be so bold to do such a thing in broad daylight?

While waiting for the police, who were called several times, the bride and groom decided it was more important to remain at the park, instead of going for the wedding pictures.

The entire wedding party and limo stayed to search for the purse while waiting for police to arrive. The purse was found, minus the wallet, in the trail connecting the park with Michigan Avenue.

Due to the time, and no appearance by police, the limo driver followed the best man to his home to secure his vehicle, and his wife spent hours getting all of the missing cards cancelled.

If anyone was in the park and possibly witnessed any suspicious activity, please contact the Sarnia Police.

Lesson learned: Don’t place a sign at the park entrance advertising your wedding, as it tells thieves there are vehicles containing gifts. And when holding an event at the pavilion, have someone outside to prevent a crime like this from ever happening again.

Terry-Lynn Douglas



David Suzuki criticism was way off base

Sir: It is difficult to find any reliable information in Barry Demeter’s letter “David Suzuki harming the economy” published in the June 25th edition.

Exactly which computer he is referring to as England’s most powerful is uncertain, as university machines are upgraded on a regular basis and anything installed in 2009 is now considered rather slow. In 2009, the most powerful computer in the U.K. was the University of Edinburgh’s (HECToR) supercomputer, which even then ran at 63 trillion calculations per second, 63 times faster than the machine Mr. Demeter cites, but which has subsequently been replaced with an even faster machine. Contrary to what he states in his letter:

* The most powerful computers in England are designed to resolve any complex calculations including, but not limited to, climate change.

* Whether any of them are hanger size or not depends on your definition of a hanger.

* Any computer consuming 1.2MW of electricity would not result in 12,000 tons/year of CO2 emissions, but rather about 4,500 tonnes/year given the U.K.’s mix of electricity generation.

Neither would that make it one of Great Britain’s single worst contributors to climate change. In fact it would be responsible for less than one part in 100,000 of national emissions, or <0.001%.

Finally, David Suzuki does not appear to be responsible for any supercomputer in England or elsewhere.


Peter R. Smith



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