Letters: week of Feb. 13

Journal columnist the complete package

Sir: Phil Egan’s articles and columns are always interesting to read.

He was well represented in the Jan. 30 edition. His ‘Wax Man’ report was fascinating, and his column on Heather Reisman was spectacularly excellent.

Engaging, warm, funny, all wrapped up together and tied with a bow.


Bob Boulton



A caring community is built on strength of its volunteers

Sir: I had the pleasure recently of attending the Mayor’s Honour List reception.

It couldn’t have been nicer. It was very obvious what a strong core Sarnia has of volunteers.

The average time span for a volunteer used to be five years. Now it is three. But it was amazing the number of volunteers, including myself, that are still doing it after 20-plus years, and still enjoying it.

That’s the sign of a very caring, supportive, and loyal community.

The best gift you can give a charity or a person is your time — and there is nothing more rewarding.


Marie Cebulski



Delays, expense of Great Lakes Secondary is another debacle

Sir: I’m wondering how the inept school board trustees are going to spin this latest debacle involving the delay and costs of the new Great Lakes Secondary School.

How do these people hold their heads up in public? They spend public money like drunken sailors on shore leave.

First, they closed a perfectly functioning building (SCITS). Then they move the students into an unfinished building, and no one knows when it will be finished or at what cost.

The citizens of Sarnia recently had to swallow a huge ugly pill with Centennial Park. Now we’re faced with another travesty with millions of dollars of overruns that know no bounds.

What troubles me the most is that no one is held responsible. I’m one very unhappy taxpayer.


John Hiemstra



Where is the political will to protect the environment?

Sir: Where in Canada can we find a government able to confront and start a defence against global warming?

For the past 100-plus years, governments have directly or indirectly allowed the lumber and pulp and paper industries to abuse our forests, lakes and rivers.

The lack of policing and restrictions has created conditions for the First Nations people are beyond belief.

Locally, the beautiful St. Clair River has been marred through similar incompetence.

Many of us working around the province have witnessed these abuses, feeling helpless to report them for fear of job loss. Our families, of course, had to come first.

I am 82 years old. Global warming won’t affect me, but I fear for the future and everyone with children and grandchildren.


D.W. Marshall St.