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Letters: week of Dec. 5

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Tech great, but people make health care

Sir: After reading Phil Egan’s Nov. 21 article (New device to make stethoscope a museum piece) it prompts me to communicate my latest ‘adventure’ regarding our public health system.

This past week I experienced the latter first hand through spending several days at the local hospital.

My experience is not one of victim, as sometimes prompts letters to the editor. Rather, it is one of admiration for those who, so effectively, dealt with my personal situation – from triage to residency to release.

It is the people who deserve recognition and our respect. They make the system function, admittedly, with the help of much technology.

New devices will undoubtedly further support their efforts but I sense that it was their personal care that contributed most to my well-being.

I thank the approximate 20 individuals with whom I had a capacity to converse and appreciate their dedication to their professions, and to me as a patient.  Keep up the fine effort.

The human and personal touch is very important.


Walter F. Petryschuk




Kudos to the personnel of our emergency health system

Sir: Plaudits to the emergency department at Bluewater Health.

Many might not know the hospital’s protocols. The ambulance deposits you at the back door of the emergency department, and by then the paramedics have forwarded your vitals.

One paramedic stays with you until a bed is available. Paramedics are legally responsible for your wellbeing and do not rely on hospital staff to keep an eye on you,

Once in a bed, the hospital staff takes over, performing a barrage of required tests. They do this with all the expediency allowed before the doctor becomes involved.

I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Chris Borek and staff and nurse Courtney, even though all of this took 12 hours.

Give these people their due credit, as all this happens while other people are waiting in the waiting room.

Rich Paterson




Let all of us honour sacrifice of Canada’s veterans

Sir: There is a famous quote some attribute to the philosopher Voltaire: “ I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.”

That it was inappropriate for Don Cherry to use the phrase “you people” in castigating recent immigrants to our fair land for what, in his opinion, is their blasé disregard for the poppy, there is no doubt.

He should have levelled his criticisms at Immigration Canada and our educational system for failing to impart to new (and welcome) citizens the story of our inclusive democracy —which is the envy of the world — and the sacrifices of generations of Canadians to preserve it.

Maybe Mr. Cherry should have, but we all know hindsight is 20/20. So let all of us, from new immigrants to those whose roots in Canada are deep, take this opportunity to recommit to honour our fallen heroes.

Lest we forget.

Lawrence Clarke   


We need to save log cabin

Sir: I have just learned that the heritage log cabin in Canatara Park is to be demolished and replaced with a “replica.”

This is a travesty, as we are losing a piece of history that will never again be enjoyed and experienced by generations to come.

City council has not given thought to the historical value of this cabin, but rather sees it as a rotting old building.

Why do we have a Heritage Designation placed on a property if we aren’t prepared to maintain it? Dereliction of maintenance is not a valid reason to demolish a property, according to the Heritage Act.

Soon we will only be able to see and feel how our ancestors lived through pictures. What a shame!

This cabin is one of Sarnia’s oldest buildings, one of only a few remaining in the community, and is an actual testament to how people lived back “then.”

Please, let’s stop the demolition. Write to the editor or call City Hall as well as your friends. This treasure can be restored, based on a professional assessment that’s already been done, and without any cost to taxpayers.

We need help. If you want to help, call me at 519-336-2679.


Toby Bidtnes



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