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Letters, week of Aug. 27

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West Nile risk overblown?

Sir: On a recent newscast we were advised that mosquitoes found near Forest tested positive for the West Nile virus. The commentary went on to say that less than one percent of humans who contact the virus get sick.

Furthermore, only two times has the virus have been detected in Lambton County this season.

Given these statistics, I wonder why the local health unit is spending so much time, effort and taxpayers’ money to pursue this seemingly non-issue.

One has to wonder the motives behind this program. A cynic may think that it may be a way to bolster their annual budget at the expense of other more critical health issues.

Rich Kneller, 



Boaters must follow guidelines

Sir: I read the article “bothered by boating critic” and was really miffed at this woman’s ignorance on common courtesy boating as well as common sense boating safety.

It doesn’t matter where you are from or what waterway you are boating on, when it comes to anchoring, there are rules and there are courtesies to follow.

I have been on the beach many times on a weekend in Bright’s Grove and the amount of boaters that anchor there leave very little room for the safe swimming of any person, not to mention the toxic smell of the gasoline mix floating about on the surface.

All boaters must understand the “anchor rode” guidelines when anchoring on any waterway. Knowing and applying these formulas will keep the boat and the ground tackle from those swimming in the area. If the boaters choose to go to shore and hang out on the beach, they should also have the means to take them there in a non-motorized way. There are also many public beaches that have the buoys marking out the swimmers zone, which also require that pleasure boaters anchor 20-75′ from those. It is the boater’s responsibility to know these rules and guidelines.

In closing, I ask that this “appalled” woman not only study her safe boating guides, but more importantly to practice putting others before herself when it comes to public pleasures that everyone deserves.

Patti Cook

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