Letters: week of Aug. 24

Bright’s Grove beach steps aren’t easy for some folk

While cottaging at Bright’s Grove, Kenwick-on-the-Lake to be exact, we constantly remark at how well maintained it is.

The stone groins and the embankment are quite a work of art and skill. Here comes the but.

My ‘over sixty’ knees are having more and more difficulty getting up the steps.

The standard riser of a step in a home is seven inches and a step in front of Kenwick-on-the-Lake is 17 inches. Further to the east, the tallest step is 13 inches.

Would the city fathers consider dropping a set of steel steps down for we ‘over sixties’?


Marg Baker


Library staff doing terrific job despite difficult circumstances


Sir: Allow me to offer my sincere admiration to the library branch staff who have filled the void created by the temporary closure of the downtown library, specifically the Mallroad Library.

I am a proud, long-time patron of the Mallroad Library. It is a truly wonderful place that is always busy and, in my opinion, often misused due to the lack of appropriate space.

I have been popping in and out at various times over the past few weeks, and it is impossible to ignore just how much busier it is.

Library users occupy every conceivable space. There are books everywhere, which, as a book lover, is a wonderful sight to see. Some books are waiting to be shelved, others to be checked out or picked up. Staff work non-stop, dancing around each other in the crowded space, a little like an amateur ballet.

And yet, in the midst of all this happy chaos, they remain positive, pleasant and cheerful. They continue to greet patrons by name, and those they don’t know are greeted with a bright, “How may I help you?”

Most patrons won’t realize just how overworked these wonderful people are, but those of us who have noticed can only say, “Bravo! Well done! You truly understand the meaning of customer service and we thank you!”

Lambton County Library Services should be very proud of them and the effort they are making. I sincerely hope they will acknowledge them in some way.


Claudette Gasbarini

Editor’s Note: The Mallroad branch was closed for two days after a vehicle crashed into the library Aug. 15. No serious injuries were reported.


Letter-writer’s criticism of Conservative MP misinformed, disrespectful


Sir: I would like to respond to Stanton Earle’s letter of Aug. 10, “MP Gladu’s tactics on green energy policy disrespects voters.”

Since Donald Trump became president the U.S. economy has continued to rebound. Business optimism and the U.S. stock market are at all time highs.

Since at least 80% of our trade continues to be with the largest economy in the world, the Canadian economy has benefited greatly from the economic improvement.

We are also experiencing a real estate and stock market bubble in Canada. To imply that the Liberal government is solely responsible for an increase in the GDP in Canada is misleading and intellectually dishonest.

It is my understanding that the Conservative Party isn’t against a carbon tax, but most members want the tax to be revenue neutral and reasonable so that we can continue to compete with the U.S.

Surely Mr. Earle doesn’t support the Green Energy Act in Ontario. The provincial Liberals’ energy policy is costing taxpayers billions of dollars. A recent study is now indicating that the energy produced from these very expensive wind turbines and solar panels was never needed.

The government is forced to sell surplus energy to the U.S. and Quebec at extremely low prices. If Mr. Earle supports the Green Energy Act and the way it was implemented, can he explain why the Liberal government didn’t purchase cheap and green hydroelectric energy from Manitoba and Quebec several years ago? Why is the government exploring this opportunity now?

We may not like Mike Duffy, but the writer should be reminded that he was found not guilty by a judge. In September, two criminal trails involving Liberal staff members under Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne will commence.

Justin Trudeau has broken just about every election promise he made. What happened to “moderate” deficits and electoral reform?

In the future, before criticizing Marilyn Gladu and the Conservative Party regarding “truth and integrity,” Mr. Earle could provide a great service to the voters by commenting on the flagrant lack of “truth and integrity” within the Liberal Party.


Richard George


City councillors, please kill this tree bylaw outright and be done


Sir: I hope that city councillors, our representatives, kill outright the proposed urban tree protection bylaw when they meet to discuss it. This unprecedented bylaw will not achieve the goals intended, will unjustifiably step on the rights of citizens, will be costly for all to implement and will cause ill feelings within the community.

It is very significant that Windsor, Hamilton and others have rejected, or are not even contemplating, an urban tree protection bylaw. Furthermore, even the recent 2016 bylaws of Ottawa and London are more encouraging than Sarnia’s.

Sarnia staff’s proposal targets only those urban homeowners who are unfortunate to be trapped with trees of 20 cm., or larger, in diameter. Should a homeowner desire to remove such a tree it will not likely be permitted. That homeowner would also have to absorb future tree and home maintenance costs incurred by such a restriction.

This is not fair, and no councillor should feel comfortable applying such a bylaw to an ensnared group of fellow citizens.

Furthermore, this bylaw is being imposed on Sarnia urban homeowners, whose properties already provide ample tree coverage.

What is really galling is that Sarnia’s urban tree canopy will likely be reduced, and not increased, if it is approved. Affected trees will still be cut down and fewer new ones planted in future.

If councillors, for some reason, still want a bylaw then they should restrict its coverage to “heritage” trees of 70 cm. in diameter or greater.

Responsibility for enforcement of the bylaw should be restricted to city staff, only. Neighbours must not be involved, nor should they have any new rights conferred on them, under this bylaw.

Costs for permits, arborist inspections/reports, etc., should be borne by the city, since the assumed benefits arising from the sacrifice of the few would accrue to all Sarnians.

Saorgus Mc Ginley



Is this the year the Sting make a serious playoff run?

Another season is about to being for the Sarnia Sting and we’ll see what it brings to the Progressive Auto Sales Arena.

Who will carry the torch? Veterans like Jordon Kyrou, Ryan McGregor, Troy Lajeunesse, Anthony Salinitri, Aidan Hughes, Drake Rymsha, Jordan Ernst, Adam Ruzicka, Brady Hinz or Sean Josling?

Or will it be some of the new guys step who up to the plate?

Can they buzz the city and fill the arena in May? Let’s hope so.

The president is in place and the owners are here. Now it’s time for the players to perform. It’s time, Sting, to make the show.

It has been too many years and there have been too many excuses. It’s time to dig in and say you want to be a winner with hard work, dedication, attitude and discipline. Whatever it takes, just do it.

The fans want it, and the fans will come out.

Go Sting go!

Cam Ross



Centennial Park is a mess, and those responsible should pay

My oh my! Who is responsible for Sarnia’s new “improved” Centennial Park?

After four years of waiting, one has to wonder at the unfinished result. From the original intent of simply laying a clay cap to remediate the park’s contamination problem at an estimated cost of $4 million, the city has spent $12 million plus to create a facility worse than the original.

The previous play area that had ample surrounding green space and shade trees has been replaced by acres of concrete. The new children’s playground is located in the middle of nowhere, with not even a swing-set to be found.

Lingering 15 minutes on a hot sunny day at this spot may result in a trip to Blue Water Health from heat stroke. So beware.

When junior wants to use the washroom, the “luxurious” porta-potties are situated 200 yards away. Finding them may be a challenge since nobody saw fit to signpost the way. Permanent washrooms (by the Agora Centre) remain unfinished and unreachable, surrounded by mounds of earth, mud and old construction material.

Obviously the project ran out of money, so only “essential” tasks were undertaken.

One of these was to destroy a very useable boat facility with four launch ramps, replacing it with a seawall installed above the high water mark, effectively prohibiting the launch of small sailing craft and canoes from shore. So, sea cadets and sailors, canoeists and paddle boarders are plain out of luck.

As for fishermen and power boaters, they have absolutely NOTHING, just like the sailors and canoeists.

City manager (CEO) Margaret Misek-Evans should be fired. I don’t care for excuses! Whoever is responsible for the loss of this regional facility needs to suffer serious consequences.

Finally, to give credit where credit is due, we must thank our

‘Fab Five’ councillors (Gillis, MacDougall, Scholten, Mitro and White), never forgetting Coun. Kelch who invariably sides with the aforementioned.

This band gave the Centennial project to the city manager to manage. Now those people responsible need a just reward. Remember come election time.


Brian Wallace