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Letters: week of Aug. 18

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Coun. Bird’s silence casting suspicion on all city councillors

In her July 4 letter about the alleged email conspiracy against Coun. Margaret Bird, Bernice Rade asks whether the correspondence is good enough to prove the plot existed.

The better and more fundamental question is whether the email actually does exist. So far, the public has had to rely only on Coun. Bird’s claim, and now Ms. Rade’s.

If the email and any other evidence actually exist, Coun. Bird has made an error of judgment. As the injured party, the victim of a gross violation of the Code of Conduct, her recourse should have been to the Integrity Commissioner – as the objective outside authority retained by the city to investigate and rule on such egregious incidents.

So the answer to Ms. Rade’s question is this: The email might prove Councillor Bird’s case, but not until it’s produced in the proper venue where it can be tested for authenticity.

In effect, Coun. Bird’s silence is actually shielding the alleged plotters and implying that she, contrary to Ms. Rade’s assertion, has been intimidated.

Also, as it stands, everyone else on council is under suspicion, and all of them are at risk of losing not just trust in one another, but also credibility with the public.

As Coun. Bird’s friend and defender, Ms. Rade should encourage her to go to the Integrity Commissioner as the best way to justify herself.

After all, backroom plotting and intrigue are, as Ms. Rade says, “wrong, inappropriate, and possibly illegal.”

Bryan Trothen



The Blue Water Bridge is a well-oiled machine?

Sir: I take exception to a recent comment made by Todd Kealey in The Sarnia Journal.

Mr. Kealey a Director of Communications at the Federal Bridge Corporation, stated the Blue Water Bridge runs like a “well-oiled machine.”

For a government employee to make such an outlandish, delusional, and unproven statement is beyond comprehension. There never was, and there never will be, any government-run organization that will meet the criteria as defined by Mr. Kealey.

Rick Gardner



A super guy appeared at the supermarket

Sir: Just recently I was in a local grocery store and was told my debit card was not activated.

I was in a quandary, because I had already checked through and my bill was $68.

Just then a Good Samaritan came over and said my groceries were paid for. In return, all he asked for was a hug.

What a kind and wonderful thing to have happen.

It makes me realize that there are a lot of good, kind people in this world.

Thank you.


Barbara Montgomery



Some city councillors continue to show LGBTQ prejudice


Sir: As an interested citizen who wanted to support the young people in our community trying to have a Rainbow Crosswalk painted at a downtown Sarnia intersection, I attended the city council meeting on July 8.

I have no connection to either the LGBTQ community or Rebound but have been extremely impressed with the thoughtful and diligent work these young people have put into this project – exploring the logistics, meeting with consultants, setting budgets, creating petitions, writing speeches and presenting at council (never easy I’m sure). ​

As I waited to hear the Rebound Spectrum presentation, I listened to five downtown business owners/operators present the pros and cons of parking meters – a subject that obviously has been on council’s dockets numerous times, and also a gentleman talk about speed bumps on Kaymar Crescent – again not the first time discussed at council.

These citizens were allowed to stand up, introduce themselves and present their case.

However, when the Rebound presenters took the podium there was a noticeable shift in attitude from Acting Mayor David Boushy.

Before the first speaker could even say a word Boushy asked her to give her name and keep her remarks brief. Why? Why was she treated differently than the previous speakers? Because she is young? Because she was representing the LGBTQ community? ​

I would say to Mr. Boushy: “Watch it sir, your prejudice is showing!”

Happily, the motion to allow the Rainbow Crosswalk — which is being fully funded by the Rebound Spectrum Committee through fundraising and donations — passed without the votes of councillors Boushy, Terry Burrell and Margaret Bird, whose nonsensical reason for voting ‘no’ still has me shaking my head!​

Congratulations Spectrum on a job well done and leading the fight against prejudice in our community.​


Mary Lou Robb​


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